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Set Your Table

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Last year during the holidays, I set my table (pictured below) with a stunning blanket made by Mexican artisans. The vibrant colors were the perfect backdrop for the rest of the table setting, and I love how it turned out. If you've never tried your favorite artisan-made blanket, throw, or kantha quilt as a tablecloth, try it out!

Sharing my voice is like setting that table, sending out invitations, and waiting in anticipation. It can feel a bit scary and vulnerable, but emboldening too.

I may do it scared, but I am compelled by a desire to share beauty, goodness, and truth.

I feel compelled because my sharing may provide a space at the table for those who have been made voiceless and marginalized by oppression and poverty to share their stories.

Sharing their stories of hope and restoration can let us all partake in God's work of reweaving shalom.

Most of all, knowing that God is the source of all beauty, compels me to set the table as an invitation to the bigger table of His beauty and love; to the table that offers that meal which will always satisfy and never run out.

So, are you going to set your table? More often than not, if you're like me, it won't have the most beautiful setting with the choicest of silverware, centerpieces, or the best prepared meal. Share your voice anyway, because if you and I are at that table where our bits of brokenness are being restored by the only One who can make us whole, then it's the table that everyone needs an invitation to.

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