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Oasis India and Madrasfuse

On a trip to India a few years ago, we visited Oasis India.  Their work includes rescue and rehabilitation in the red light area in Mumbai as well as providing job skills  for at risk women in marginalized communities in other cities, including Chennai. The picture below was taken during our tour of the sewing center where we met seamstresses who help support their families by using their skills to bring life to our designs.

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Krupa in India
Krupa's Rural training Institute provides vocational training and empowers marginilized communities in the Chennai area including those freed from bonded labor, gypsy communities, prisoners and their families, leprosy patients and their families, as well as education for special needs children.  We are excited to partner with these overcomers to bring our designs to life with handwoven and blockprinted pieces.  

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Local collaboration with Refugee community

The people of Afghanistan have a special place in my heart and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gone there on a mission trip several years ago.  We had the opportunity to partner with a talented Afghan seamstress though a local non-profit that serves refugees resettling in the Dallas area. Through our collaboration, were able to create designs that support economic opportunities to those fleeing difficult circumstances and rebuilding a life

in the US. 

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