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Of colors, designs and logos

Updated: May 12, 2022

A couple of years ago, I was excited to host a Paint Party for my family. It’s always a

great time of feasting, fellowship and laughter when the women get together.

Sisters, cousins, nieces and aunts sat at the table working on our creations

and catching up on latest life stories. Our creations were of varied themes

and we painted whatever inspired us as we chatted together.

I was inspired to paint an Indian woman in a blue (my favorite color) and yellow sari. She is

looking with hope through an open window - a way out, symbolizing her freedom.

The sunlight that is pouring in and the lush green outside symbolize the promise of

light and renewal of all that was lost in captivity. The silhouette of the woman represents one

who is now empowered, free and looking to the future with hope.

Out of this painting, the colors for my logo were born - blue, yellow and brown.

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